Car Key Programming

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If you’re having problems with your car key, you might think that you need to head to your local dealership to get a genuine replacement.

Birmingham Car Keys can cut and program keys for just about any make or model of car. Our car key programming service is faster and cheaper than your car dealer, but just as professional.

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Replacement Car Key Programming

If you need a replacement car key, a regular locksmith often can’t help. However, it’s also not necessary to go to your local car dealership and have them order a new key for you.

Using the same software and equipment as the car manufacturers, Birmingham Car Keys can supply you with a genuine replacement at a lower cost than your dealership.

If your key has been lost or stolen, we can reprogram your car’s lock so the lost key will no longer work. We will then supply you with new keys that will allow you to unlock your car.

Transponder Chip Key Programming

Modern car keys use special chips called transponders as an extra level of security. This is what your car’s immobiliser responds to; if it doesn’t receive the right signal from your key, you won’t be able to unlock it.

As with any other technology, transponder chips sometimes stop working properly. This can be extremely frustrating, as it prevents you from driving your car even though you have the key.

Using your Vehicle Identification Number, we can cut and program a new key for you that will work correctly. We can also reprogram the immobiliser to no longer accept old keys, which is particularly useful if your key has been lost, or if you’ve bought a second-hand car.

Birmingham Car Keys

If you need replacement car key programming, contact us online for a free quote or give us a call on 0121 773 9444. We also offer many other services, including truck key replacement and motorcycle key replacement

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